Guitar Yoga is our flagship product. The 3 levels consist of more than 8 hours of meticulously recorded HD videos.

We are extremely proud of the course.

But some of you might have some misunderstandings about what Guitar Yoga is.

You might be thinking something along the lines of:

Or needing to achieve a Zen-like state of calmness and enlightenment.

Let’s clear this up, once and for all.

  1. Guitar Yoga is NOT a special Yoga practice, where you do difficult physical poses while holding your guitar. Actually, now that I think of it, this might be a cool (and potentially lucrative) idea. When you see me as Guru Marko, you can say that you witnessed the origins first-hand. Here at the blog, before anybody else. ;-)
  2. You don’t need a special Yoga mat or outfit.
  3. You don’t have to start to meditate - although working with the program can get you into a meditative flow state.


What is Guitar Yoga?

It’s a proven step-by-step system to cover all your warm-up needs and develop great technique as well as a solid musical foundation. And you’ll have fun in the process.

You won’t be just listening to someone blabbering on about theoretical concepts. No, you’ll be actively practicing to exercise play-along videos in various speeds.

What a concept.


Bernie and I thought a lot about which exercises to choose and to include in the program. We only selected material that we personally had practiced and that had helped us improve.

We also spent a lot of time perfecting the progression and sequence so that there is an arc to the complete program. The exercises build upon one another and we’ve made sure that there’s a synergistic effect happening where a lot of different areas of your musical skills will benefit.

  • You’ll have better technique - be it alternate picking, legato, finger independence, etc.
  • You’ll solidify your knowledge of scales.
  • Your rhythmic feel will improve due to playing along to professionally recorded play-along videos.
  • You’ll learn the neck inside out - no more blank, uncharted regions anywhere.
  • Your confidence will increase because of that new-found technical and theoretical security.
  • Your concentration will improve. The Guitar Yoga series will challenge you. And you’ll learn to deal with it and become a better musician because of it.

Both Bernie and I are actively using Guitar Yoga ourselves. Actually, we noticed a big improvement in our own playing when we recorded the material. We had to practice some of the more challenging exercises in level 3 to have camera-ready chops.

So Why the Name Guitar Yoga?

Well, we didn’t really think about those misconceptions when we named the course. Hey, we did need a name and we wanted to publish the course as quickly as possible so that guitarists all over the world could benefit from it.

weightlifter in gym

The gym theme with Aerobics, Guitar Fitness, etc. has been done to death already and felt somewhat stale to us.

Bernie is a certified Yoga instructor and I have included meditation as part of my morning routine for years. So we felt that Guitar Yoga would be an appropriate title.

In conclusion: get all the benefits of Yoga without doing Yoga - on the guitar. ;-)

It’ll be a challenge, but it will be well worth it. We vouch for it. When you are ready to level-up your playing, click the button below and invest into Guitar Yoga.

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